Why run social media for a B2B company?

Social Media for production companies is still a blue ocean, i.e. an untapped market space with huge opportunities for high profits. Instead of senselessly racing with your competitors in price offers, choose niche communication channels in the production industry, such as social media. You can build additional touchpoints there that will translate into trust among your customers. Doing so will also make them willing to shop with you, even though you won't be the cheapest. We guarantee that you will find a target group there that you will reach with your products or services. You just need to choose the right platform and communication that may interest your customers. By operating in areas where your competition does not yet exist, you will automatically become a leader. In the article below, we will present how a social media campaign for a B2B company can help not only acquire new customers, but also increase profits in your company.

 How to build your position as an expert?

One way to acquire customers is to build your position as an expert in the industry in which you operate. Cooperation with clients is based on trust. They are more willing and quick to trust an expert who shares his knowledge and solves problems than another company that offers the same service or product. Social media for a B2B company gives you a lot of room for maneuver to create such an image.  

Regardless of which platform you choose, it is important that you share your knowledge and experience on it so that your clients (current and future) can benefit from it. You can do this using various tools. An interesting and engaging post is often enough, but you can also access materials such as blog articles, free e-books, checklists or videos. You are the expert for your audience, so solve their problems and provide support when they need it. If your content solves a customer's problem "for free", then when another problem arises that requires payment, you will be the first choice to contact them.

By building such a position, your recipients will trust you more. As a result, they will be more willing to use your services or products. And all this thanks to the trust that the solution proposed by your company is what they need.

Social media, customer acquisition

How can marketing improve sales performance?

In large companies and enterprises, there is often a long decision-making process, which is the domain of B2B purchasing. There are several factors that contribute to this phenomenon.  

  • Decisions are made by many people (CEO, CFO, purchasing team, etc.).
  • The purchasing decision is made on the basis of arguments, the value offered by contractors and the price. There is no place for emotional shopping here.
  • Preparation of infrastructure for the purchased service or product (construction of a hall, migration to another system, etc.).

The above points determine the operation of marketing not only at the stage of acquiring leads (potential customers), but also at the stage of the purchasing process. This is because your potential customer is probably considering more than just your offer. That's why points of contact with your brand are so important during the customer's purchasing process. This is intended to build the association TOP OF THE MIND in the customer's mind. When he decides that he is ready to make a purchase decision, your company will be his first association. This is the so-called leadership position in the customer's mind and this is what you should fight for.

How does social media for a B2B company support other lead generation channels?

Social media plays a key role in supporting other lead generation channels. Influential social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, and more recently TikTok, offer a range of tools and opportunities. This can effectively increase the effectiveness of lead generation activities.  

They enable companies to build brand awareness by regularly publishing valuable content, information about products and services. Publishing engaging and unique content can attract the attention of potential customers and build trust in your brand. This, in turn, increases the chances of acquiring new leads. Thanks to the fact that social media platforms offer extensive tools for targeting and personalizing content, you can reach a specific target group whose needs and preferences are consistent with the products or services offered. You can create personalized advertising campaigns that precisely reach the right audience, which increases the chances of generating valuable leads.  

Social media is an ideal place for companies to make the first contact with customers. If in your industry you have no chance of breaking the bids in the Google search engine, and as a result you receive low-value traffic that does not convert, it is worth gaining first contact with the target group via social media. Then, thanks to this action, the remarketing group can be used to optimize Google Ads campaigns. This will enable you to acquire valuable users for your website.

The second option is to advertise services or products that are not obvious to your Buyer Persona. This means that it will not enter the name of your service in the search engine and therefore will not find you. This is where social media comes in handy. Thanks to targeting, they can show them your ad and encourage them to familiarize themselves with the offer.

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How to acquire new customers using social selling?

Using social media for sales can be an effective tool for a salesperson when acquiring new customers. So how do you do this in practice?

The main goal of this method is to directly reach customers via social media and lead to sales - sounds simple ????. You need to build your presence on the right social media channels. Identify the platforms where your potential customers are present. For large B2B companies, the choice will be Linkedin, which is a social platform focused on business and professional relationships. It has gained enormous importance for marketing and sales strategies, especially in the context of social selling.

LinkedIn enables entrepreneurs, salespeople and professionals to stay connected with their customers and build new business relationships. Like any other branch of Content Marketing, social selling on LinkedIn must be of value to your potential clients. Therefore, in addition to flooding inboxes 5 minutes after accepting an invitation to the network (don't do that), it is worth thinking about writing an interesting post/publication that will engage your client to be active under the post. After such activity, it is much easier to persuade him to talk or meet, and you will not seem desperate? Such a post may be a description of a recently solved problem for one of your clients. If the recipient notices a similar problem with themselves, they will probably want to contact you.

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Up-Sell and Cross-Sell in social media – make your customers buy more

To encourage customers to buy more products or services, it is worth using cross-selling and up-selling strategies. Both terms refer to sales techniques aimed at increasing the value of a customer's order through additional offers.

Cross-selling is a technique of suggesting additional products or services to a customer that may complement or extend their original purchase. An example may be offering accessories for a product, e.g. a phone case or additional software functions. Cross-selling aims to increase the value of the transaction by adding elements that are complementary or related to the original purchase.

Upselling, on the other hand, refers to the technique of promoting products or services with higher value or more advanced features in order to convince the customer to purchase a more expensive variant. An example of an up-sell may be suggesting to the customer a car model with higher equipment or a subscription to a premium plan with additional benefits. Upsell aims to increase the value of the transaction by encouraging the customer to choose more advanced or exclusive options. Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

To effectively use cross-sell and up-sell, it is important to understand the customer's needs and offer him valuable propositions. This can be achieved by analyzing customer purchase data. For example, thanks to web analytics, personalizing the offer and providing clear benefits from additional products or improvements. It is also important to provide the client with appropriate information and recommendations that will help him make a good decision. This can be done through product recommendations on the website, tailored special offers or individual conversations with the customer.

Employer Branding – recruit effectively on social media

Effective recruitment in social media is based on employer branding campaigns. They aim to promote the employer brand and attract high-quality job candidates.  

Thanks to this approach, your company will not be one of many on the list of job offers on well-known job portals that someone browses when looking for a job. You can create a work environment that will attract an expert and make him want to change his job.

Summary – social media for a B2B company

Running social media for manufacturing companies is crucial in today's business world. Social media allows you to build your brand, reach a wider audience, increase product awareness and develop relationships with customers and business partners. By being active on social media, companies can build trust, engage audiences, generate sales and obtain valuable feedback. This accelerates the company's growth process, increases market competitiveness and creates long-term business relationships. Therefore, running social media is essential for companies that want to achieve success in a dynamic and competitive business environment.