Why is it worth making a landing page?

A landing page is a target page to which recipients acquired through running advertising can be directed. The main website or online store that a brand has is of course extremely important. However, it is also worth investing in a landing page, primarily because this page can be dedicated to one service and fully describe it.


A well-created website, taking into account the goal , CTA and visual identification of the brand , can certainly improve the sales of a given company's products or services.

The main goal of a landing page is to achieve conversion , i.e. the expected action of recipients. Therefore, due to different goals, it may persuade a person to do different things.

Among others, to: 

  • purchasing a product, 
  • leaving contact details, e.g. e-mail,
  • registration,
  • contacting an expert. 

Additionally, thanks to the high-quality information about a given service, a potential customer will be much more encouraged to take advantage of the offer or become interested in the brand. A landing page is a kind of presentation of specific content, but you can also have a home page at the same time.

Landing pages can also be used to obtain contact information from potential consumers, thus increasing the number of people to whom advertising campaigns can be directed.

redirect traffic from advertising directly to the landing page . Especially if we want to promote a specific service.

For example: if a beauty salon introduces a new service to its offer, it is worth creating a landing page describing it in detail. Then the client will know the answer to his questions, thanks to which the decision-making process can be significantly shortened.  


The first and basic rule is to know the purpose of creating a landing page. Determining what the company does and how we want to present it, as well as what action the recipient should take on our website. It is important that our landing page achieves one goal we have set, and no more.  

Thanks to the formulated goal, you can create the website structure and plan its visualization. Texts are important, including a catchy headline.

The landing page is supposed to attract the recipient and guide him through the process of discovery until conversion. Therefore, when creating, you need to focus on content closely related to the goal. A larger number of messages unrelated to the brand profile will result in diverting the attention of a potential customer.  


In order for the landing page to be tailored to the appropriate recipient, it is necessary to define a marketing persona . This will allow you to select texts, graphics and the CTA button for the target group, which will be directly related to generating leads.

You can find more information about persona in our article! Check it out here.


It is worth defining what the CTA (Call To Action) is to present the type of recipient behavior we care about and make it easier for them to contact us. This could be, for example, “ contact us ” or “ submit form ”. The button should be located at the beginning of the page and visible at first glance.

It is worth placing a few CTAs on the website so that our recipients can see our contact information more often. This will make it easier for him to decide to take advantage of the company's offer.

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