Influencer marketing – what benefits will it bring to your e-commerce store?

Modern enterprises, although present in social media, often have trouble breaking through to the leaders of their industry. As they develop, they look for newer solutions to promote their business. Influencers meet them. No wonder, because nowadays influencer marketing is one of the key activities in internet marketing. In the article below, we will explain what influencer marketing is. We will advise you which influencers are worth cooperating with and what benefits such cooperation will bring to your company.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a promotion model that uses the recommendations of influential people to spread a given message among the target group it reaches. Thanks to their great influence on their recipients, they can easily influence their purchasing decisions. It is worth mentioning that the influencer serves as an intermediary between the brand and the potential customer, and influencer marketing itself does not focus on direct communication with customers.

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Influencer marketing – benefits

A well-conducted campaign can bring many benefits to your company. Sometimes such cooperation increases the sales income, but the influencer's activity also translates into greater visibility of the offer among potential customers. The biggest advantages of working with influencers include:

  1. Accurately reaching the target group - influencer marketing allows you to reach a defined target group with your message, selected appropriately for the advertised product. The community gathered around a given influencer is usually a group with similar interests or views.
  2. Brand awareness – consumers are increasingly bored with advertisements and lose trust in them. Influencers, by intervening in the brand-customer contact, are able to attract the attention of their recipients with even a small mention and contribute to an exponential increase in interest, and thus - expanding the group of potential customers and increasing sales. Consumers trust their favorite influencer more than “traditional” brand marketing.
  3. Showing the product from a different perspective - influencers often take the initiative to create engaging content that can arouse the interest of recipients who have not been reached by previous messages.
  4. Increasing visibility on Google - cooperation with influencers running blogs by placing active links in their articles will support your website in the SEO area and have a positive impact on its positioning.


Does more always mean better? Macro and micro-influencers

It is assumed that macro-influencers are people with an audience of more than 100,000 followers, and micro-influencers below this number. Macro-influencers are usually celebrities, actors, sports stars or singers - this is where their reach comes from. Micro-influencers, in turn, built their position from scratch by creating systematic content on various channels. The differences between these two types lie not only in the scale of reach but also in the involvement of the audience.

Micro-influencers, thanks to a smaller group of recipients, are usually able to generate greater engagement than macro-influencers, who gather around a wide and less targeted group. They often have trouble reacting actively and replying to messages and comments from their recipients. As a result, they lose value in their eyes and their engagement decreases. Influencers with over 10 million followers have a very low engagement rate (0.04%) compared to medium-sized influencers (3%). These statistics perfectly demonstrate why working with micro-influencers is beneficial. The reason they are great for marketing campaigns is because they are very popular in a specific niche. This means that they are strongly connected to communities of people who share common hobbies and interests. For this reason, their followers are considered very loyal and their engagement with the influencer is very high. Of course, marketing cooperation with micro-influencers is also much cheaper. Ultimately, this means better return on investment (ROI).


What should you remember when starting cooperation?

Before starting a campaign, it is very important to verify a given influencer in many aspects. Does its image fit your brand archetype and campaign message? What were his previous collaborations like and does he have too many of them on his profile? How did it present their products and did they label them correctly? It is also very important to screen it for past or ongoing scandals or controversies that could potentially harm your company's image. It is worth asking to see profile statistics to find out the ratio of the number of recipients to the number of interactions on the profile. The fact that a given person is followed by 100,000 accounts, does not mean that the same number of people actively receive the published content. Demographic data regarding the gender, age and origin of recipients is also useful information. Thanks to them, it will be possible to determine whether the group to which the messages are targeted can become a potential customer of the brand.

When starting cooperation, money is a very important aspect. This cost depends on the influencer's recognition, his reach, the number of posts published, who will create them and whether they will remain permanently on his profile. There are two most common settlement methods:

  • barter – this is the exchange of goods for goods or goods for services. The influencer receives a product from companies and then advertises it on their social media.
  • paid cooperation – usually applies to influencers with larger reach. They have their own predetermined rates for specific content. When creating a campaign budget, it is worth taking into account that the costs of cooperation may range from PLN 3,000. up to 30 thousand for one post or roll. Clearly define your expectations regarding the content you publish. Create a complete brief for it, including information about the quality of the materials, the message and the date of publication. Don't interfere with his creative process. What matters is that the message is as natural and convincing as possible. An ad that looks like an ad is the last thing you need.

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How can an influencer promote your products?

There are many ways an influencer can advertise your product. Sometimes it is worth giving him a free hand or a chance to suggest the best form of communication. After all, he knows his audience best and knows what will be most appreciated and what will encourage them to make a purchase. Among the many methods of promotion, the most common are:

  • Sponsored posts 
  • Product testing and review
  • Unboxing of the package
  • Encouraging you to take part in competitions
  • Giving out discount codes

The advantage of discount codes is that you can easily analyze whether a given influencer converts, i.e. whether it fits your target group.


Summary – influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can be an extremely effective activity that will bring many benefits to your company. An undoubted advantage of cooperation is reaching a wider or new group of specific recipients, which is what we care about most when promoting the company. Currently, influencers are engaging in more and more creative campaigns and often take the initiative themselves. At the beginning of your business, you don't have to target influencers with millions of reach. Often, it is micro-influencers who will ensure better conversions and drive your business.