Video marketing – something is happening

When it comes to internet marketing strategies, video marketing is definitely one of them. The published content is intended to attract attention and make potential customers interested in our offer. Colorful, sometimes controversial and meeting specific needs in the online market, this is what the content presented in video materials should be like. They are supposed to meet the main assumptions of the company and be a showcase of what we know best.

But wait, what is this video marketing?

Some call video marketing a strategy, others simply an effective method of contacting customers, or in short, it is a way to establish a better relationship with the recipient. Content is published on various online platforms, for example:

  • websites
  • newsletters
  • video services (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • social networking sites (Instagram, Facebook)

Video marketing is not only about posting short videos on the Internet with the product in the main role. This is a series of many opportunities that have been created to take advantage of the fact that online business now operates on a global scale and is doing very well.

Here are some examples of video marketing content:

  • Video blogs - i.e. cooperation with video bloggers by offering them free products in exchange for the opportunity to show them in your company, using authority that will certainly attract the recipient's eye faster.
  • Webinars (online training) - they help not only promote the company's product (service), but also increase its credibility and enable contact with customers. They enable a chat in which we can ask questions and receive answers to emerging doubts. This is a great way to create the image of your company as an expert in a given field.
  • Video guides - promote products by presenting their most interesting applications. Presenting solutions to the most common problems has a positive impact on the perception of our company.
  • Video product reviews - thanks to this method, the customer can get acquainted with a given product before purchasing, see how it works and how it looks in reality (even the virtual one). In this way, you can find out whether a given product is popular and whether others also have a good opinion about it. This is commonly referred to as "unboxing", i.e. unpacking the packaging.

Pleasant and useful

Most active users of online platforms were able to view products through online stores or websites. Video marketing allows us to better define our preferences and, above all, an easier way to communicate with customers.

Thanks to this, online platforms are no longer impersonal. Video materials often present people responsible for the product, which has a positive impact on the company's image.

In short:

  • film content attracts the audience's attention to a large extent;
  • video arouses emotions among viewers - much more effectively than other types of materials;
  • content created as part of video marketing is more accessible than extensive articles created as part of a content marketing strategy;
  • Film content is called the future of internet marketing

Positioning and video marketing – practice makes perfect

Unlike content marketing, video materials follow different rules when it comes to positioning. The Google search engine may have a big problem with analyzing the video, so it is important to include some important information, which will definitely help SEO activities.

YouTube is an extremely important online platform. We can post longer recordings there that will present exactly what we would like to convey. There is no single method, we can publish a short video of the product itself, we can talk about it, we can put everything together and present our offer in more detail. Everything depends on us and our creativity.

Very often it happens that only after posting the recording, the customer goes to our website to find out how and where he can get the product that aroused his interest.

Important elements from the point of view of video positioning are:

  • incoming links;
  • number of video views;
  • comments and ratings;
  • number of subscribers and viewers of the channel (channel authority);
  • overall material quality

A head full of ideas – how?

Social media is currently the most useful way when it comes to marketing. The published content should provide recipients with entertainment, but above all, reliable information. We may have many good ideas, but we still need to be able to present them. A good rule to start with is to create content that interests and excites us. However, we need to be careful and constantly observe the preferences of the recipients, after all, we are creating for them.

Video marketing creates content depending on the needs it finds on the market.

We think first, then we do!

A faster video is not always the same as its marketing value. It is worth focusing on refining all the details, because once the video content is mixed, we are no longer able to edit what we would like to change. Of course, there is a "delete" option, but users can react quickly and this may have a negative impact on our offer.

Alternate reality

The Internet is a land of creativity that has long created an alternative reality. People are increasingly willing to use all available methods to present their best selves. This applies to individuals and large companies. It is worth creating a way for yourself and observing what the recipients expect from us.

The company's development depends on how many people want to use our services. Regardless of the topics we deal with, it is worth remembering that the senses of sight and hearing are the most important "recipients" of video marketing.