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Customer description

DJI TPI is an authorized distributor of drones for various applications, focused on customer needs and a stable supplier for the last 30 years. Their main goal is to constantly improve the qualifications and knowledge of the team, which allows them to offer newer solutions in line with the latest trends in measurement. Thanks to a unique offer, based on decades of work and market experience, DJI TPI is able to provide optimal and effective measurement solutions that increase the competitiveness of their customers and position them as one of the largest suppliers of measurement technology in Europe.


The main challenge for DJI TPI was to create an online store with a new business line focusing on drones with applications in various industries, such as construction, surveying, public safety, energy, agriculture and forestry. The client wanted to have a wide range of drone models and specialized accessories to meet the diverse needs of customers. The goal was to create a comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows customers to make easy and convenient purchases, while promoting the diversity and versatility of drones as tools in various fields.


For DJI TPI, we have developed a comprehensive solution in the form of a modern online store, which has been adapted to the needs of users by introducing various product categories. We have introduced intuitive filtering that allows you to quickly and precisely find the right products. Each product has an extensive product card with unique information and parameters as well as full specifications, which makes it easier for customers to make an informed choice. Additionally, the store has been designed to enable effective up-selling and cross-selling strategies, which contributes to increased sales and customer satisfaction.



Development on a nationwide scale:

Building an online store was an introduction to expanding the business to the domestic market.


Brand credibility:

A professional online store has become a reliable place to sell drones, building the position of an expert.


Increased sales:

The extensive offer, as well as its attractive and clear presentation, increased the number of customers, thanks to which the company experienced dynamic development.

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