Brief description of the client

Stelge is a Polish company that perfectly understands the expectations of customers looking for high-quality and functional pleated blinds. As a direct manufacturer, they guarantee personalized solutions based on the highest quality components and certified fabric, produced from start to finish in Poland. Each pleated blind is made from scratch, taking into account individual orders, which makes them not only practical, but also aesthetic.


The client's main goal is to increase online sales and strengthen its online presence. They want to reach a wider audience, build lasting relationships with their online community and increase their reach on social media platforms.

Our solutions

During cooperation with the client, we focused on shaping an attractive and consistent brand image through creative content and effective communication strategies. We started by developing a comprehensive communication strategy, which took into account the identification of the target group, analysis of market needs and competitive solutions. Thanks to this, we know how the company can effectively communicate with customers on social media platforms. The strategy assumes relaxed communication, taking into account affordable prices, which translates into growing engagement and online sales of the company. Our activities also included refreshing the visual identification of posts to make them more consistent with current trends and more accessible to recipients.


Our activities contributed to increasing brand awareness and creating a positive image among customers. Additionally, thanks to effective communication strategies, we observe greater traffic on the website, which translates into an increase in potential customers. Building online community engagement has resulted in the creation of lasting relationships with customers, which are transformed into brand loyalty. Not only have we achieved our online presence goals, but we are also continually growing our customer base through referrals from satisfied customers, which continues to expand our interested base.

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