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Brief description of the client

Sobieski Biżuteria is a jeweler with many years of experience, offering timeless silver and gold jewelry. As sales partners, they offer watches from renowned brands, as well as accessories from Yes and Verona. Thanks to its professional approach, the company constantly gathers a large group of fans and regular customers.


The client's main goal is to create solid foundations for the further development of the company. They want their brand to be widely recognized both locally and online, which will contribute to increased consumer trust and increase the brand's attractiveness on the market.

Our solutions

When working with Sobieski Bizuteria, we constantly strive to build a strong online presence, retain and attract loyal customers. By developing an appropriate marketing strategy and the effective use of social media and advertising campaigns, we have significantly improved online sales results. Thanks to consistent communication on all supported platforms, we engaged the existing audience and reached new customers. Additionally, organizing competitions helps build a community around the brand.


We have acquired a large customer base with minimal advertising costs, which proves the effectiveness of our marketing strategies. Our advertising campaigns optimized for adding products to the cart achieved a very low cost of acquiring a potential customer, averaging PLN 1.5, which confirms the high effectiveness of our activities. The use of social media organically contributed to updating and maintaining customer engagement with the brand. These benefits not only contributed to the brand's growth, but also strengthened its position in the jewelry market, both locally and online.  

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