Online store – Sobieski Jewelry

When we started cooperation with the client, we defined the main goals, the main of which was to create an online store. 

Customer description

Sobieski Biżuteria is a jeweler with many years of experience, offering timeless silver and gold jewelry. As sales partners, they offer watches from renowned brands, as well as accessories from Yes and Verona. Thanks to its professional approach, the company constantly gathers a large group of fans and regular customers.


The client contacted our agency with the desire to create an online store. The Sobieski store, previously a local stationary point, has set an ambitious task for us - transferring its presence to the online space. Its goal was not only to increase online sales, but also to gain brand recognition throughout the Polish market.

Our solutions

Our main goal during cooperation with the client was to create an intuitive and responsive online platform that ensures easy navigation and comfortable shopping. We have implemented innovative functions and tools such as an advanced product search system. When creating the platform, we took care of integration with payment gateways and ensuring the security of customer data, which is extremely important in building trust and reputation.  



Wider reach:

Moving the store to the online space made it possible to reach a wider group of potential customers on the nationwide market.


Revenue growth:

The store, thanks to its intuitiveness and responsiveness, enables quick and convenient shopping, which translates into the number of orders and an increase in revenues.


Stable position on the market:

The solutions we implemented allowed the Sobieski store to achieve its intended goals, ensuring a stable position on the e-commerce market and building lasting relationships with customers.

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