Sobieski Jewelry

Brief description of the client

Sobieski Biżuteria is a jeweler with many years of experience, offering timeless silver and gold jewelry. As sales partners, they offer watches from renowned brands, as well as accessories from Yes and Verona. Thanks to its professional approach, the company constantly gathers a large group of fans and regular customers.

Industry: Jewelry
Technology: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram
Problem: Building a brand
Market: Poland


The client contacted our agency with the desire to transform his business from a local stationary store into a dynamically developing jewelry brand with nationwide reach. The challenge we faced included not only increasing sales in the online store, but also building brand recognition and trust among new customers.

Our solutions

We implemented precise advertising campaigns that focused on building brand recognition and generating traffic to the website, where potential customers could familiarize themselves with the offer. We have also developed product campaigns with attractive offers to effectively encourage customers to make a purchase. A key element of our strategy was the use of remarketing, which allowed us to maintain contact with people interested in the brand and those still undecided about the purchase.


Thanks to our solutions in the SEM campaign, we managed to build brand recognition from scratch. The increase in online visibility resulted in a significant increase in sales, which reached hundreds of orders per month. Moreover, our activities contributed to building a loyal customer base, which translates into the long-term success of the company.

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