Rent a Fun

Brief description of the client

Rent a Fun is a revolutionary company whose mission is to make access to the best entertainment products easier. Through an innovative long-term rental model, they enable their customers to test products without excessively burdening their budget. As an environmentally friendly company, they inspire their customers to live in the eco-sharing concept.


The client's main goal is to create a solid foundation before starting an SEM campaign. They want to be perceived as a brand offering high-quality products, but also actively supporting the idea of ​​eco-sharing and a sustainable approach to consumption. The goal was to build awareness of the company in the market and community as a base of people to whom advertising could be directed.

Our solutions

As an agency, we are building a conscious community around the brand, engaged in ecology and eco-sharing. We implement strategies that aim to increase customer awareness of equipment rental and the benefits of testing products before purchasing. We create the equipment rental service as a trend that fits the values ​​of the target group. We are also introducing thematic series, i.e. tips on spending time with friends and inspiration for active use of rented equipment.


We have built a database of potential customers who constitute the foundation for future remarketing campaigns. This will allow for a more effective start and targeting advertising to an already interested group of recipients. Moreover, by shaping the image of Rent a Fun as a friend, a buddy accompanying you in important moments and moments of entertainment, the brand has gained greater recognition and customer loyalty. Our activities also contributed to increasing awareness of the brand's existence on the market, which is crucial for further business development and building a stable position in the industry.

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