Brief description of the client

Quadowanie is an online store that supplies parts and accessories for quads. The store's offer includes a wide selection of spare parts, as well as original accessories, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces, created for quad enthusiasts. The store's customers are both experienced off-road drivers and novices looking for products that will meet their automotive expectations.  


The client's main goal in the social media communication strategy was not only to effectively build strong relationships with the target group, but also to promote products in order to increase organic website traffic and purchases. By systematically delivering attractive content, the client aimed to shape a positive brand image and transform the community into engaged and loyal customers.

Our solutions

In our communication strategy, we focused on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. We prepared attractive content, presenting products and at the same time linking them to the online store, which contributed to the increase in organic traffic. We regularly shared engaging posts, encouraging users to participate in the discussion and express their reactions under the post. Additionally, we organized competitions rewarding community activity. Organic activities were the foundation for Facebook Ads campaigns that attracted engaged users and encouraged them to make purchases.


For the client, the benefit is an engaged community with over 7,000 followers on Facebook and over 700 on Instagram. The clear interest in products is clearly visible in the effectiveness of Facebook Ads campaigns, where the cost per purchase is on average PLN 4. This low cost of customer acquisition is a significant advantage and confirmation of the effectiveness of the actions taken.

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