Brief description of the client

Quadowanie is a renowned online store specializing in providing high-quality parts and accessories for quads. Their wide offer includes a wide selection of spare parts and original accessories, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces, created with quad enthusiasts in mind. The customers of the Quadowanie store are both experienced off-road drivers looking for professional solutions, and novices who want to find products that meet their automotive expectations.

Industry: Automotive
Technology: Facebook Ads, Google Ads
Problem: Sale 
Market: Poland


The main goal was to increase sales in the online store and increase the number of telephone orders. It was also important to maintain low customer acquisition costs while achieving a high return on advertising investment (ROAS). This constant presence enabled the client to reach people already familiar with the brand, as well as those who showed real interest in the offer.

Our solutions

As part of our cooperation, we started advertising activities in the Facebook Ads and Google Ads systems. In addition, communication was also carried out on social media, which contributed to building an engaged community. In this way, ads on Facebook and Instagram reached people who knew the store and were actually interested in the offer. Google Ads focused on product campaigns and contacts to promote products available in the store.


The benefit for the customer was thousands of products added to the cart quarterly and several hundred purchases. The average cost per purchase was PLN 4 for Facebook Ads and PLN 11 for Google Ads, which contributed to maintaining low customer acquisition costs. Advertising campaigns provided the client with a high return on investment, which was important for the effectiveness of marketing activities. Additionally, large amounts of products added to the cart enabled effective remarketing campaigns that attracted users back to the store, supporting further sales growth.

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