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Brief description of the client

Omega Law Firm is a renowned law firm operating throughout the country, specializing in a wide range of legal services. The company offers comprehensive legal assistance covering a variety of areas, but its main goal is to focus on the area of ​​compensation and post-accident compensation.

Industry: Law Firm
Technology: Google Ads
Problem: Lead generation
Market: Poland


The main challenge for Omega Law Firm was to increase the number of leads and telephone contacts throughout Poland, as well as in specifically selected locations. Their goal is to effectively reach potential customers in various regions of the country and generate more conversions, which will contribute to the development of the business and the expansion of the customer base throughout the country.

Our solutions

The solution we introduced for Omega Law Firm was to focus on optimizing existing advertising campaigns, regularly monitoring their effectiveness and closely monitoring the activities of competitors. We created advertisements aimed at increasing the client's competitiveness by using appropriate strategies and advertising messages. Thanks to this approach, the client was able to reach its target group more effectively and generate a larger number of leads and telephone contacts throughout Poland and in selected locations.


Thanks to our activities, Omega Law Firm has recorded a significant increase in business benefits. We increased conversion by over 1,300%, which resulted in over a thousand new conversions in one quarter. Additionally, we managed to increase the number of calls by over 250% in the same period. These results significantly influenced the effectiveness of the client's activities and the development of his business, enabling him to achieve greater reach and increase the customer base throughout Poland.


Conversion increase




Increase in the number of users

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