Website – Mango Catering

Customer description

Our client, Mango, specializes in providing dietary catering for individual clients and companies. They decided to cooperate with us in order to create a professional website that will be an effective tool for attractively presenting their offer.


The main goal of the project was to create a comprehensive website where potential customers could easily find all the necessary information about the catering services offered by Mango. The challenge was to design an interface that would allow the customer to independently update the menu so that it was always adapted to the current offer.

Our solutions

We designed and implemented a website with an intuitive interface that allows the client to easily edit and update the catering menu. The entire website has been designed in a simple and clear style, with friendly colors to ensure users can use it comfortably and quickly find the information they need.



Interest in the offer:

An attractive presentation of the offer on the website attracts potential customers, which increases interest in its catering services.


Market competitiveness:

The ability to update the menu yourself allows the customer to quickly adapt the offer to changing customer preferences.


Customer commitment and loyalty:

The simplicity and readability of the website design make using it pleasant for users, which leads to increased engagement and loyalty.

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