Brief description of the client

InfoSeb is a company specializing in implementing IT projects for enterprises around the world. Their main product is Beatrix, an innovative system for managing the distribution of paid TV content. Beatrix is ​​dedicated software with a personalization option, enabling the storage of data regarding contracts, customers, invoices and settlements, as well as integration with other systems. InfoSeb's clients include companies producing television content, television broadcasters, billing agents for broadcasters and cable networks.


InfoSeb's goal was to intensify its presence on the LinkedIn platform and build a strong image in the industry. The priority was to enable potential customers to easily find the company and become familiar with its competences through activity on LinkedIn. The increased visibility on this platform was also intended to help build trust among potential customers, strengthening the company's position as a renowned provider of TV content management solutions.

Our solutions

During our cooperation, we constructed and optimized two profiles on LinkedIn, both the main one for InfoSeb and the one dedicated to the Beatrix product. We also developed a key visual defining the graphic aesthetics of the posts, which was the foundation for the professional visual design of the content. Additionally, we tested various hashtags and post forms, identifying optimal strategies. These activities effectively contributed to increasing the reach, strengthening the visibility and effectiveness of communication on the LinkedIn platform.


Our carefully optimized LinkedIn profiles for both InfoSeb and Beatrix attracted the attention of a key target group - TV content professionals. The constant increase in reach, observed during the ongoing cooperation, has contributed to the continuous increase in results. For the client, this meant not only effective building of visibility among interested people, but also creating a solid base for establishing business relationships.

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