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Customer description

Hammak is a developer who specializes in creating intimate residential investments, placing emphasis on unique solutions, excellent location and aesthetic architecture. Their designs are characterized by high quality and attention to functionality, meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers.


The client came to us with the challenge of creating a website that would highlight individual Hammak investments, presenting their unique advantages and specificity. Their main goal was to present themselves as a premium developer that offers intimate residential investments of a unique character. They wanted the website to have an elegant appearance that would reflect the high quality and aesthetics of their designs, while attracting the attention of potential customers.

Our solutions

For the client, we created a website whose design reflects the aesthetics and prestige of the brand. We made sure to distinguish each investment, enabling customers to easily learn about the specifics of the apartments they are interested in. To make the offered properties even closer to users, we have implemented interactive 3D projections for selected projects.



Positive image and trust:

Thanks to the preserved aesthetics, the created website has a positive impact on the image and builds trust among customers.


Easier choice of the right property:

Featured investments and 3D projections enable users to more easily familiarize themselves with the specifics of apartments, which makes it easier to choose the right property and increases customer engagement.


Effective sales content:

The content posted on the website allows you to become better acquainted with the offer, which contributes to increased conversions.

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