Online store – Garden Renewal

The main and only products in the store are garden designs. The online store we have created is a combination of functionality, timeless design and many possibilities.  

Customer description

Odnowa Ogrodowa specializes in virtual products, offering comprehensive garden designs with a list of all necessary elements. Customers have the opportunity to create their dream garden on a turnkey basis or adapt the project to their individual preferences. The founder of the brand is Dominik Strzelec, a renowned garden designer, known for his participation in popular TV programs devoted to this topic.


The main challenge for the client was to enable the sale of catalog projects and create a platform that would generate passive income. The goal was to create a business that would function without the need for customer involvement in the shipping process and regular updates, while ensuring a constant flow of revenue.


We created a platform for Odnowa Ogrodowa that automated the process of selling garden projects. The store was designed with users in mind, offering friendly and intuitive navigation, which makes shopping easy and pleasant. Additionally, thanks to the use of filters, the user can easily find a design that suits the shape of his garden, which makes the selection process even easier.

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