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Customer description

Our client is Automationstechnik, established in 1996, specializing in the design and construction of machines and assembly lines intended for the automation of production processes. The company has extensive experience in implementing hundreds of projects for individual orders from leading Polish and foreign manufacturers from the automotive, electrical engineering and household appliances industries.


The company contacted us to create a website that would effectively present its offer and increase the number of conversions. The main goal of the project was to design and implement a website that not only attractively presents a wide range of the company's services, but also effectively guides visitors through the marketing funnel. Our task was to ensure that the website structure would meet the needs and expectations of the buyer persona, ensuring smooth guidance of visitors through the purchasing process.

Our solutions

We created a website using the buyer persona description and marketing funnel we had previously prepared. We focused on dividing the offer into two parts, one of which was a description of the services and the other a commercial offer. Thanks to this, the user can quickly find the necessary information. Our special attention was paid to the extensive architecture of the website, especially in the offer subpages, in order to provide users with rich information material and increase their trust in the brand.



Complete page:

The new website has been designed with the target group in mind, providing access to all key information.


Smooth navigation:

The personalized website architecture ensures smooth navigation, which makes it easier for potential customers to go through the sales process.


Increasing conversions:

An intuitively created website with a clear offer has a positive impact on acquiring potential customers.

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