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Our SEO team specializes in comprehensive solutions dedicated to online stores, aimed at increasing the online visibility and effectiveness of your business. We know what actions should be taken to ensure that your online store has a high position in the search engine and is ahead of the competition.

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How are we doing?

Store audit: We conduct a technical and content analysis of your store, identifying areas for optimization specific to your e-commerce industry.

Development of a personalized strategy: We create individual strategies that take into account the unique features of the e-commerce world and are adapted to the specificity of your store.

Content optimization: We improve existing content and create new ones. We optimize product descriptions and photos. All this to increase their attractiveness both for search engines and potential customers.

Link building: We create solid external connections, supporting the authority of your store in the eyes of Google algorithms and other search engines.

Monitoring, analysis and reporting: We regularly monitor the results of our activities, adapting the strategy to the dynamic e-commerce market conditions. We keep clients informed about progress in monthly reports.

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We will conduct an audit for you, which will indicate the points necessary to optimize the store and propose a strategy based on your visibility results and those of your competition.


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