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Visual identification

Visual identification is one of the key tools for shaping the image of a brand or company. The system includes symbols, colors, slogans and schemes used by the company to make it recognizable externally. Visual identification builds brand awareness and shapes its reputation. The consistent appearance of all graphic elements representing the company has a positive impact on its perception by potential customers, enabling customers to easily recognize and permanently remember the brand.

Visual identification is

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Visual consistency that builds trust

We demonstrate the brand's professionalism, take care of every detail and help create brand recognition. When viewers see consistent visuals across materials and platforms, it becomes easier to remember and recognize your brand in a crowd. When a brand presents a consistent and professional image, it builds credibility in the eyes of customers and recipients.


A strong brand identity that appeals to customers

We make the company easily recognizable in the crowd. This means that the logo, colors, name and other identifying elements of the brand are remembered by customers. When customers see these signs, they immediately associate them with a given brand. They feel more connected to the brand and are more likely to remain loyal to it, even in the face of competition.


A unique image of your brand

We will define exactly who your brand is, what its values ​​and goals are. This helps create a consistent image that attracts consumers who identify with these values. The logo, colors and overall graphic design should be unique and easily recognizable. This allows customers to quickly associate your brand.

What is content branding?

  • Social media are channels thanks to which you can effectively build a community around your brand, as well as effectively advertise and, what's more, sell.
  • By actively running social media, you can efficiently direct traffic to your website, because channels such as Facebook or Instagram are usually the first point of contact between recipients and your brand. They also allow you to build relationships with your recipients through posts, stories, reels and messages.
  • Strategic activity in social media allows you to conduct both image and sales campaigns. The basis for effective operation is the selection of appropriate platforms on which you will be able to achieve your intended business goals.

Designing a brand logo is the first stage from which it is worth starting to build a brand identity. The symbol that represents you should communicate the best aspects of your business to your customer. Its purpose is to build trust and encourage potential customers to choose your offer. The logo should be immediately recognizable and be the first point of contact with the brand.

Brand book

A brand book is a set of information and guidelines related to a brand. It helps to understand the brand and explains what stands behind its activities and what goals it pursues. The brand book allows you to "step into the shoes of the brand's creators" and follow the path the brand follows.  

DTP printing files

We implement both simple and more complex projects related to advertising materials. We design advertising materials that can be used in print, both small and large format. In addition, we also create materials for use on the Internet, such as mailings, graphics for social media and online campaigns.

Take care of the professional
image of your company

Professionalism contributes to building customer trust, competitiveness and long-term success of the company.

How are we doing?

Our strategy is contained in a specific plan:

Analysis of your needs

We start with a thorough analysis of the market, competition and target group to understand what values ​​and message you want to convey. We define the brand's mission, values ​​and goals, which will constitute the foundation of its identification. We define unique features and advantages of the brand that can be highlighted in visual communication.

Concept and design

Based on the analysis and strategy, we begin to create a visual identification concept. This includes choosing the colors, fonts, logo and overall graphic style that will represent the brand. We create a logo that is easily recognizable and reflects the brand's personality. We develop graphic elements such as templates, marketing materials, business cards, advertising banners that maintain visual consistency.

Implementation and promotion

Implementing a visual identity means using it consistently in all aspects of the company's operations, both online and offline. We make sure that marketing materials, website, social media profiles, product packaging and other elements are consistent with the new visual identity. We promote the new brand image among customers and potential customers to build recognition and engagement. This may include advertising campaigns, social media activities and other promotional means.

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