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Did you know that over 92% of all online purchases start with a Google search? Despite this, many companies do not optimize their websites, which means they miss opportunities to acquire new customers and increase profits every day.

At the Brand new Brand marketing agency, we comprehensively deal with website positioning and their optimization for search engines (SEO activities). Our team of experienced SEO experts will help you achieve higher positions in Google search results and get ahead of the competition.

Complete the application and our consultant will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project.

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Complete the application and our consultant will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project.

    Benefits of effective SEO positioning

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    Increased visibility

    Appear high in the search engine for phrases entered by your potential customers.


    Increase in visits

    A high position means more organic visits.


    Greater efficiency

    Well-chosen keyword phrases will make your customers find you.

    Why is website positioning so important?

    Even the best website will not provide you with customers if you are difficult to find. SEO optimization, i.e. professional positioning of a website in Google, is the key to achieving higher online visibility. Our SEO specialists effectively increase website traffic by improving its ranking in search results. They use the latest SEO strategies to keep your website one step ahead of the competition.

    Why Brand new Brand ?

    Our clients have learned that effective SEO strategies are the key to lasting online success. We operate transparently, effectively and based on the latest data from changing search engine algorithms.

    • We advise our clients - we always try to recommend the best solutions for them.
    • We have nothing to hide - the customer has access to his project throughout the entire production process.
    • We support – After handing over our project, the client can always count on our help.

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    How are we doing?

    Our strategy is contained in a specific plan:

    We indicate what needs to be improved

    Our SEO audit will show your strengths and areas that need to be optimized.

    We build a strategy

    We develop a specific action plan based on your goals and the unique characteristics of your business. We measure the effects of actions and adjust the strategy taking into account changing algorithms and Google guidelines as well as the results achieved.

    We operate transparently

    Together with you, we will develop a strategy and discuss further steps. We report results - every month we present an analysis showing how your company's position in the search engine has changed.


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