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How much does a website cost?

Are you thinking about your own website, but you don't know what budget to allocate for it? How much does it really cost to create and maintain a website? We have collected all…

Is your website prepared to effectively attract customers?

Do you have a website for your business? Are you waiting for hundreds of hundreds of completed forms? Find out what requirements your website should meet!

Remarketing strategy in B2B: how to effectively attract customers?

Remarketing on Google or Facebook is a key element of the strategy of every B2B company. Find out how to maximize its potential and turn interest into real conversions. Discover ways to use this strategy effectively!

How to increase B2B sales? B2B customer purchasing process – the latest report

The success of B2B sales depends on understanding what the purchasing process is. Companies that look at sales through the eyes of the customer adapt their activities better. Check and increase your conversion efficiency!

After-sales service in e-commerce, or how not to lose a customer after a one-time sale?

Customer service does not end with a successful transaction. Obtaining loyal customers is possible by taking into account after-sales service. Check how to effectively retain a customer!

How to conduct an SEO audit yourself

Effective website optimization is much more than increasing the number of organic visits. This allows you to better reach users who are interested in your business. Learn how to conduct an SEO audit!

Influencer marketing – what benefits will it bring to your e-commerce store?

Do you want to gain an advantage among the competition? Develop influencer marketing - a key activity in online marketing. Check which influencers are worth collaborating with!

Why run social media for a B2B company?

Discover the potential of social media for B2B companies! Become a leader in the industry and increase your profits. Check how a B2B campaign will help you acquire new customers. Change your business!

How to increase e-commerce sales in times of crisis?

Forget about abandoned carts! Discover the secrets of effective online sales by using the potential of social media. Learn how to increase profits and build customer loyalty.

How to obtain sales leads through Social Media? - Part 1

Do you want to acquire customers effectively? Sales leads are an integral element of effective operation. Check out our process approach to Social Media channels!

What is UX, or how should your website be designed?

Discover the secrets of creating a website that will delight users! Find out how to design UX to stand out in the digital market and build customer loyalty.

Is an image campaign profitable for new companies?

Discover the secrets of effective advertising for new businesses! Image campaign or lead generation? Find out how to reach your audience. Get inspired by examples and build your brand. Discover your path to success!

How to create content?

“Content is king” as Bill Gates said. Content marketing is definitely one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. You don't know what content to share on your website...

How to attract customers to your e-commerce company?

Are you the owner of an e-commerce store, and despite a large advertising budget, your store does not sell? Read our article to learn how to attract customers to…

How to advertise effectively on Facebook

Facebook still holds the top spot in the ranking of the most popular social media platform in the world. The website boasts over 1.9 billion daily active users, and in…

Content cannibalization – what it is and how it affects the positioning of your website

Keywords are undeniably your key to search engine success. However, remember to use them skillfully, because optimizing the content on several subpages for…

TikTok Ads – how to advertise effectively on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular mobile applications in the world. According to Sensor Tower in the Q1 2022: Store Intelligence Data Digest report, TikTok is the most downloaded…

Marketing funnel – how to use it?

Get to know the marketing funnel, the key to success in e-marketing. Find out how B2B differs from B2C and how to effectively acquire customers. Discover strategies that work.

How to write so that Facebook likes our content?

As you know, the pandemic period is a boom time for dealing with online matters, as well as a time of great boom for e-commerce and social selling. Since a visit to the doctor can…

Increasing sales with Google Ads

As you know, Google Ads is currently a leader in advertising systems that allows you to reach a specific user according to his needs and preferences. Used to be Google Adwords, and now...

Why is it worth making a landing page?

A landing page is a target page to which recipients acquired through running advertising can be directed. The main website or online store that a given brand has, ...

How to choose an online store domain?

The choice of domain is extremely important in the process of creating the image of a given brand. Well-chosen is also a great way to reach a much larger number of customers. IN …

How to find a target group?

In order for all marketing activities to make sense, it is necessary to define the so-called the company's persona, i.e. the ideal customer who will be interested in the company's offer. Considering social media marketing…

How to choose a marketing agency?

You have your own company. You are just starting out or you have been in the industry for many years. You just realize that you need marketing support. We advise you how to choose a Samo marketing agency…

Is it always worth investing in social media marketing?

Nowadays, social media activity is extremely important if we want to create a positive image of the company. Why is it worth it? Social media marketing is primarily advertising. Currently …

Integrated e-marketing

Network activities should not only be strictly defined, but also integrated. What does the term integrated marketing mean? The simplest way to define it is the sum of various activities that…

Company image on the Internet – a virtual world?

Image is the way in which a given product, service, company or person will be perceived by potential customers. When establishing our company, we try to ensure that every detail is well refined. We carefully select employees and create a place that will allow us to achieve all our intended goals.

Video marketing – something is happening

When it comes to internet marketing strategies, video marketing is definitely one of them. The published content is intended to attract attention and make potential customers interested in our offer. Colorful, sometimes controversial and meeting specific needs in the online market, this is what the content presented in video materials should be like. They are supposed to meet the main assumptions of the company and be a showcase of what we know best.

Positioning in SEM campaigns – what is it and what effects does it give?

SEO, SEM, marketing - these are concepts that must be faced by anyone who is starting a business or wants to develop it, but has not yet conducted online activities. What is SEO and what is SEM? How do they differ from each other? How to approach positioning in both cases?

Social media marketing – why do it and what does it do?

Marketing is ubiquitous - this is an undeniable fact. Leaflets, messages via loudspeakers in stores and malls, colorful neon signs that attract attention, promotions and loyalty programs, and even a scent characteristic of a given brand - all these are elements of marketing aimed at attracting the customer's attention and encouraging him to use the service/purchase the goods. A channel that allows for very effective marketing activities is the Internet and social media marketing. What is this all about?

Marketing? And what good is it to anyone?

Unfortunately, everyone needs marketing. Most likely, everyone has it. Although sometimes unconsciously, everyone conducts specific marketing activities. After all, every entrepreneur tries to…