Is it always worth investing in social media marketing?

Nowadays, social media activity is extremely important if we want to create a positive image of the company. Why is it worth it? Social media marketing is primarily advertising. Nowadays, you can launch an advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Google or other social media sites. However, social media, as the name suggests, is something more that is directly related to communication between the company and its recipients.  

Social media marketing is also about development. By opening up to new forms of communication, companies improve their qualifications, thanks to which they create or improve their image among recipients. However, the most important thing is to build relationships with customers. This allows you to encourage recipients to actively participate in the life of the brand. By using social media channels, we want others to get to know us, understand what we do and notice that we care about their attention.  


It is impossible to clearly state and name the industries in which internet marketing would be a bad choice. Companies whose activities on social media channels are effective usually have a specific group of recipients. They regularly share content strictly related to the brand. They engage in the online life of their company, read, react and inform their customers.  

Unfortunately, some social media channels are not worth using. There are companies that may be perceived poorly on certain social media. For example: Tik-Tok is an application more often downloaded by younger people than adults. Hence, there will be much less interest in construction or technical companies. It is worth choosing Facebook, which is popular among people who are more likely to build a house in the future.  


Although it would be difficult to list the industry, pointing out the mistakes that prevent effective social media marketing activities is easier. These are primarily:

  1. wrongly selected target group, 
  2. poorly selected communication channels where there are no users belonging to the above-mentioned group, 
  3. incorrect, often aggressive communication,
  4. irregularity and lack of commitment. 


Among many industries, social media marketing will be the perfect solution. Primarily because of the possibility of communicating with recipients, creating relationships between the company and customers, as well as standing out from competing businesses.  

In some cases, social media marketing will not bring surprising results. Among others due to a smaller budget, company strategy or an audience that is not necessarily eager to use social media channels.  

Then it is worth choosing other options guaranteed by internet marketing. Examples include SEO or SEM, as well as Google Ads.