How to increase e-commerce sales in times of crisis?

Your online store is visited by a lot of users, but your nightmare is abandoned carts? Or maybe your sales have simply been declining for some time? Nowadays, most people use the Internet and online commerce is growing at an alarming rate. Presence in social media is an integral element of an effective e-commerce marketing strategy. So how can you use these platforms and get rid of the above-mentioned? problems? Here are some tips on how to increase e-commerce sales.

Do social media go hand in hand with e-commerce?

The first advantage of your presence on social media is greater credibility! Build a community among your recipients that will allow them to share their opinions and emotions when they encounter your product. Before making a payment, many consumers prefer to make sure that the seller is reliable and the products comply with the description. Reply to questions, comments and private messages, react to suggestions and comments. Build a positive company image and create loyalty among customers.

Remember that before starting any activities on social media, it is worth getting to know your target group well. You need to answer the questions: who are your customers, what are their needs and interests. Thanks to this information, you will be able to determine what to promote on social media to interest your audience.  social media, e-commerce

Are you still wondering what social media has to do with your online store, how it affects e-commerce sales and abandoned carts? See some examples of activities in social media that will allow you to increase profits in your e-commerce.

Social media is not only an idea for building long-term relationships with your customers. Their biggest advantage is the ability to run advertising campaigns. Bet on campaigns that will build your image on social media.  

What does this really mean? Platforms such as Facebook Ads allow us to run campaigns with the goal of traffic or reach. By taking this direction, your brand will start to become more entrenched in the recipients' memory. The traffic on your website will increase significantly if you effectively use the potential of an advertising platform such as Meta. Now you probably think that you don't just want to be noticed, but this is the first point of contact with your recipient, which in the long run will allow you to develop loyalty with him. This is a desirable feature among every customer, because we buy based on emotions and associations.

Does remarketing on Facebook make sense?

It is possible, and what's more, we would say that it is necessary! Remarketing is a form of advertising directed to people who have already visited your website, i.e. also to all your abandoned carts. In this topic, you should also consider what rejected them at the stage of adding to the cart. Maybe it was too expensive shipping, the inability to purchase cash on delivery, or the sheer value of the purchase. Try to walk the purchasing path of your customers yourself and spot all the problems they will face.

E-commerce sales, remarketing on Facebook

If their problem may be the price of the basket, then focus on promotional campaigns in SM! Prepare discount codes, promotions or competitions to spread via social media!  

Something could also have distracted your customers at the purchase stage. It could have been a call from your boss or mother-in-law and the mood was no longer conducive to shopping. 😀 In such situations, it is worth using the previously mentioned remarketing. By creating a campaign in which the target group will be people who visited your website, e.g. in the last 30 days, you are able to remind them about an unfulfilled order or a product that caught their eye.

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How do product carousels sell on Facebook? Sales in e-commerce and social media

An interesting form of advertising available on Facebook are product carousels. With a catalog from your online store, you can effectively encourage customers to make a purchase. Facebook's algorithm can effectively select products based on the recipient's interests. Thanks to this, it will display the assortment that he may be interested in. Are you wondering how it works? Imagine a situation where you have been looking for rims for your new car for a long time. You scroll through Facebook and suddenly you see beautiful, new, shiny rims, dedicated to your car model, the price is within tolerance, although it could be lower. You are interested in this product, so you expand the content of the post and it turns out that you get a 10% discount on your first purchase! Don't hesitate any longer, click "buy now" and they are yours!  

Every day, social media acquire a lot of information about their users, starting from their workplace and ending with their favorite restaurant. Hence, you can easily target a group of your ideal recipients who will be interested in your products. Remember to analyze all results and keep an eye on your communication strategy, which is the basis of your social media activities.

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Summary – sales in e-commerce 

Effective social media activity can have a positive impact on reducing the number of abandoned carts in an online store, and therefore increase your profit. By using various techniques, such as remarketing, offering discounts and promotions, sharing customer reviews and publishing valuable content, you can encourage customers to come back and complete the transaction. At the same time, remember that a good social media strategy is not only a way to increase sales. It is also about building brand awareness, customer engagement, and creating relationships with them. Remember that social media channels allow you to build 1:1 communication with your recipient. In the long term, it will develop a brand-customer bond. What are the benefits of this? Loyal customers who will always come back to you!