How to create content?

“Content is king” as Bill Gates said. Content marketing is definitely one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. You don't know what content to share on your website and social media? Don't know how to attract the attention of your potential recipients? Read our article and learn how to create a content plan!


Initially, you need to think about what you want to achieve with the content you create. Is it to attract more traffic to the website ? Or maybe building the image of a specialist ? The goals include many aspects, apart from those mentioned above, such as: a larger number of leads, employer branding, increasing recipients' awareness of a given topic closely related to your industry.

One of your first steps should be to describe your target group. Find out what they might be looking for in the search engine and what problems they might face.  

It is also worth checking what is currently "trending" among your competitors, what content they create and what topics they cover. 

After defining your goal, you should do research on the topics you would like to tackle. This will help you determine what needs to be included in your content plan and what you can pay attention to later.  

A content plan is, to put it simply, a document in which you answer the question: what content will be placed on your website. Remember that content should not be created without a plan. Create texts that match the style you have previously established.


Content on the website is not only offer content or what you publish on the home page. When planning content, also focus on the blog and social media .

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creating a content plan for your blog with the above-mentioned goal. Create evergreen content, which means that the text is timeless, containing universal information and educational and guide content.

The content that will be up-to-date for a long time, so that traffic on the website will not stop as in the case of content regarding trends, includes, for example, guides, case studies, or answers to users' questions. 

When it comes to articles shared on a blog, it's worth paying attention to the headlines . Their appropriate structure is an extremely important aspect for your recipients, because it makes the text much easier and faster to read. What's more, the structure of headings allows Google to understand what a given page is about and what content is on it. Remember to make your headlines catchy enough to grab the reader's attention.

Don't forget about the visual aspect. Adding large blocks of text does not make any sense. Your potential recipient will quickly get bored with the unnecessary amount of content. Also add appropriate graphics closely related to your text.  

Pay attention to your CTA and place it prominently. Call your audience to take the action you care about most.  

Content also means SEO , i.e. activities that will help you achieve a higher position in the search engine. To write SEO text well, you need to focus on the two most important points of the plan:

  1. selection of keywords, 
  2. building structure and creating content. 

You can find keywords by knowing the phrases and questions that help your customers find you on the Internet. It is worth using tools prepared specifically for keyword planning. Among the proposed and recommended ones is certainly the Google Keyword Planner, which not only suggests what words you can use, but also allows you to predict the likely number of visits.  

There is no golden rule that determines the number of characters that should be used. Therefore, a better solution will be to focus much more on exhausting the topic and information that will interest your recipients. This does not mean that you should pour water. Content full of substantive content that answers the problems of potential customers is much more important.  

Remember that, just like in the case of Social Media or a blog, it is important that your text attracts attention. So take advantage of adding photos to your articles.  

Social Media

Content on Social Media is currently one of the most important aspects of confirming your image and visibility on the Internet. Thanks to this, you build awareness of your recipients.  

Your social media channels should also have content tailored to your audience. Regardless of the platforms chosen, the content should be valuable and respond to the needs of potential customers.  

At the stage of planning content on Social Media, it is worth considering the rules you should follow. Simple and concise content that will not bore the recipients will be more valuable. It is no accident that Twitter and Facebook block the possibility of creating too long statements. It is important to engage your potential customer. Use a CTA form that will encourage the recipient to react.  

Social media revolves around photos. Lifestyle graphics from your brand's life will be much better than using stock photos. Show your product or service in such a way that the photo is sufficiently associated with it.  

Remember to tailor your content to social media. Completely different content is shared on LinkedIn and Instagram. If you want to run a Social Media Campaign based on your products - choose Facebook and Instagram. If you care about an image campaign, choose LinkedIn. Twitter will be the best solution for brands that care about lifestyle posts and a casual approach to their audience.


In addition to the principles of SEO and higher positioning that we mentioned above, content has several more tasks. We can certainly mention your image campaign among them. Imagine a store that, despite great-quality products and a visually nice website, does not create content.  

Firstly, it does not create a position of specialist and expert in its field among its recipients and potential clients. The target audience will not know whether he is the best or whether he does not want to deceive them.

Secondly, it does not answer the problems and questions of potential customers. The purchasing process begins with the creation of a problem in the audience. If the store does not respond to the challenges faced by the target group, this process may never end with a purchase or use of services.  

Content created for the blog and social media is important in terms of shaping the loyalty relationship. Give your recipients the basis to trust and take advantage of the offer.  

The content should be tailored to the industry profile. Remember to project an image of an expert. Explain the topic so thoroughly that your audience understands that you are a specialist. This is especially important in the case of accounting, law and marketing agencies. Leave your potential customers feeling that you are the best among your competitors.  

Do you care about professional content on your website or social media? Entrust this task to professionals! Contact us and we will prepare a strategy for you based on real and proven marketing activities.  

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