How to choose an online store domain?

The choice of domain is extremely important in the process of creating the image of a given brand. Well-chosen is also a great way to reach a much larger number of customers. In the article below, we will answer the most frequently asked questions when choosing a domain.  

The basis of an online presence is a website. The choice of domain is therefore a basic aspect for the subsequent positioning of this website. It is worth taking care of its quality from the very beginning so as not to have any problems in the subsequent steps of the process of creating brand identification on the Internet.  

Should I add my brand name to my domain?

Yes! Thanks to this, it will be easier for recipients to associate a given product with the brand, which is also directly related to its recognition.  

However, it is worth paying attention to what the company name looks like. A domain containing adjectives, e.g. excellent or best, will have limited visibility in Google search due to the presence of rankings using exactly the same words.

It is important that the domain is easy to remember and pronounce!


It is also worth considering the psychological characteristics. It is extremely important to determine what our recipient is interested in or what his hobby is. His priorities and values ​​that guide his life should also be similar to those proposed by the brand. Otherwise, communication with such a person may be really difficult.  

Pointing out and understanding what a typical day looks like for your audience will allow you to plan your own social media marketing activities. At the same time, you receive answers to questions related to when and for how long a person most often browses social media .

How long should a domain be?

A shorter domain will certainly be easier to remember. It is a natural process to be able to remember short phrases rather than long sentences. However, you should not overdo it by shortening the domain to such an extent that it will no longer be associated with the brand name and profile.  

Which extension should I choose?

The most frequently chosen extensions of Polish brands are primarily .pl, so it is worth choosing this one, especially if the majority of customers are Poles. What's more, this extension inspires greater trust than endings associated with other countries.  

Another commonly used extension is .com. It is mainly chosen for global activities.

What to do if the selected domain is already taken?

There are two options for resolving this situation. First of all, you can change the extension. If the .pl extension is used, it is worth trying, .com or .eu.  

The second option is to change the domain. A small exchange of words that fall within the company's activities will be the best choice. However, it should be borne in mind that these words must be associated with the company's services or products.  

Although choosing a domain name may seem simple, it is worth paying attention to the most important rules thanks to which our website will not disappear on the Internet unnoticed. To choose the right domain or create an online store, contact the experts!