How to attract customers to your e-commerce company?

Are you the owner of an e-commerce store, and despite a large advertising budget, your store does not sell? Read our article to learn how to attract customers to your business and increase sales!  


Invest in creating an online store to attract new customers. A professional website is also the headquarters of your company. A potential customer, looking for an answer to his or her problem or challenge, will look for an appropriate offer. So make sure it is presented in a clear and consistent way.

A well-thought-out website is the key to success. Make sure that your website is not only pretty, but above all, functional.  

Remember to choose the appropriate domain for your website . You can read more about this in our article: LINK

Trust certified experts who will take care of every detail of your online store. At Brand new Brand, we will prepare a website whose information architecture is based on a marketing funnel. Thanks to this, you will know what the traffic of your potential customers looks like in the store. We will create an individual project that will distinguish you from your competition.


What is UX ? This is User Experience, i.e. a set of expressions and experiences of users on a specific website. The UX Designer is responsible for UX. It focuses primarily on the aesthetics of the website, which directly affects the satisfaction of customers using the website.

properly designed information architecture on the website allows for intuitive use and quick finding of answers to customer problems. Its basis is to take into account the needs of consumers, thanks to which content tailored to them allows for easy and pleasant shopping.

Why is UX so important? If your online store does not present products or services in a pleasant way, the purchasing process becomes frustrating instead of easy, which unfortunately reduces the likelihood of returning to the store dramatically.  

It is also worth paying attention to the graphics. It has been said for a long time that a book should not be judged by its cover. In the case of e-commerce, however, the first impression is extremely important in the store-customer relationship. The appearance of the website determines whether the customer will stay on the website or choose another one belonging to the competition.  

When creating an online store, remember to stick to the visual identification you chose when creating your company. 


Maintaining a blog and regularly publishing articles on it is also part of your marketing strategy . Sharing content on an ongoing basis that responds to your customers' problems will allow you to stay in touch with your recipients. The content should be of high quality, because it directly affects the process of building the brand's image as professional and credible.

Your customers' purchasing journey begins when they become aware of the problem or challenge they face. When creating content for your blog, consider what problems your audience faces. Include keywords they may be typing into a search engine. The use of these words improves the website's visibility on the Internet. Search engines index subpages, so when entering specific queries, the recipient group may find your blog. What's more, they can convince the target group that your products or services will help them solve their problems.  


Actively run social media allows you to create relationships between the brand and its potential or regular customers.

However, remember to select appropriate channels and platforms depending on the industry in which your company operates. In the case of Social Media, the more the better principle unfortunately does not work. However, it is worth following the slogan "less is more". So choose the channels where you will meet people in your audience.  

Social Media is an additional element confirming the rightness of your brand choice. It is worth paying attention to contact with recipients. Social proof is based on the fact that when looking for appropriate products and services, recipients are guided by the opinions and size of the target group of a given company. From a psychological point of view - the more a potential customer sees comments and ratings about a brand, the faster he will perceive the brand as professional and credible.  


Opinions about your products are extremely important to potential customers. It is thanks to reviews that they can be sure that your company is working. Customer statements are often considered more credible than the content you share on your social media or website. Thanks to them, you will gain trust among your recipients.  

Opinions and references are often the basis in the decision-making process. Therefore, the more opinions and comments you receive from satisfied customers, the higher the probability that more people from the target group will decide on your offer.  

Also, don't be afraid to respond to negative comments. This way, your potential audience will notice that you see the problem and are trying to solve it instead of not paying attention to the sudden problem. However, remember that you must remain calm and polite when responding, even if you disagree with the negative opinion.  

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