Increasing sales with Google Ads

As you know, Google Ads is currently a leader in advertising systems that allows you to reach a specific user according to his needs and preferences. In the past, Google Adwords, and now Ads, allows you to display sponsored links in the Google search engine results and on websites cooperating with the Google AdSense program.  

However, to understand how Google Ads became the real king of advertising, let's start from the beginning .

Google Ads Google AdWords until 2018 . Please remember that Google is the undisputed leader in the browser market, so Google Ads can reach almost every Internet user.

Additionally, thanks to huge databases and the ability of "each user to learn", Google Ads advertising can be tailored to the needs of the advertiser and perfectly matched to the potential customer. This means that the entrepreneur can reach the desired audience with his advertising, thus not wasting the budget and maximizing profits.

What options do we have and why is it worth choosing Google Ads?

Before the era of the Internet and Google Ads, advertising banners, shop windows, flying leaflets and brochures accompanied us at every step. However, it was passive advertising, which did not guarantee who it reached or whether it reached it at all.

No matter how you look at it, it is awkward and tactless to ask every customer which banner it is or what phenomenon made it appear in our store.

The situation is completely different in the case of Google Ads. This is intelligent advertising . Google adapts the displayed ads to match the specific search engine user's search. How does it happend? There are two main methods:

  • By selecting the websites on which specific advertisements are displayed.

Based on the user's online activity and interests, conclusions can be drawn about his preferences. After all, even the best promotion of aged beef may have poor results when displayed on a website with eco-vegan products, and tofu may not find interest among people browsing butcher shop equipment.

  • By selecting keywords for which a Google Ads ad will be displayed

What are keywords? These are the words that we enter into the search engine when we want to find something or learn something. However, the matter is much more complicated than it may seem at first glance, because few people enter precise information into the browser about their intentions at a given moment. Additionally, Google Ads allows us to determine how many people saw the ad and how many reacted.

And this is where a very, VERY important issue arises. Balance.

The average browser user does not expect to see Google Ads ads at all. Most often, they are looking for knowledge or, optionally, photos of cute cats, or other topics that the Internet is full of. If he were overwhelmed by unwanted ads while doing so, he would definitely find another browser!

Google, as a global leader in the browser market, must take care of the quality of its flagship product, so Google Ads must be numerous and effective enough to be profitable, and relevant and unobtrusive so as not to discourage users.

How was this balance achieved? Yes, there is a whole team of people behind Google Ads who make sure that the advertising is socially acceptable, grammatically correct and to the point!

The position in which a Google Ads ad will be displayed is determined based on the ad quality (essentially, whether a given company can actually help the browser user at a given moment based on the words used to search and the broader context) and the maximum CPC (Cost Per Click - cost per click) that a given advertiser is willing to pay. This is where the first part of the answer to the question posed in the title of the article appears

How can we increase our sales with Google Ads? Let's be higher in the search list!

Thanks to this, we increase the chance that a customer in need will come to us with mutual joy.

But how to do it? Theoretically, you can simply pay more, but this is usually not necessarily the case, because it may not always be able to ensure the profitability of the project. In this way, the cost of acquiring a customer may even exceed the profit from his purchases. Fortunately, you can fight for customers with the quality of your Google Ads advertising . Google simply pays off when a user finds an efficient solution to their problem, a potential customer wants to solve the problem quickly, and we want to sell our goods or services. In such a situation, each of us receives what we want, so properly configuring our Google Ads will not only be more effective, but also cheaper!

So let's go back to our available methods, specifically KEYWORDS.

Correct and optimal use of keywords in Google Ads is important. Google does not ask the user what he really means when he types words like "Kraków castles". Are you a fan of military architecture? Or maybe a person whose favorite jacket stopped zipping up while sightseeing? It could also happen that someone is sitting in front of the closed door to the apartment.

Advertising must be accurate!

We should avoid such ambiguous terms so that our advertisement does not appear to people who are completely uninterested in the goods/services we offer. If such an ad is displayed, we will most likely pay for the click.

And the other way round - you cannot excessively limit the moments when Google Ads will display your ad. Few people will enter the phrase "emergency repair of xxx brand door lock in Krakow" into the search engine, and therefore the advertisement of this unfortunate locksmith may turn out to be completely ineffective.


Fortunately, numerous programs and tools from Google Ads themselves come to the rescue here, allowing you to examine how often a given phrase was searched for. However, this is not the end - you need to consider whether the person entering such a phrase is actually someone who will be interested in our service/product or whether we will waste our advertising budget in Google Ads.

Correct and optimal advertising through Google Ads is not a topic that can be opened and closed in one short entry. Moreover, it is a variable and fluid phenomenon, so it requires constant monitoring and, if necessary, corrective actions.

I will include the next bit of information in the next entry, but in the meantime, I sincerely encourage you to use the help of our specialists familiar with the mechanisms of Google Ads .

In addition to Google Ads, we also deal with other issues related to advertising and promoting your business! Contact us and see how much a professional marketing agency can do for you.

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