Are you thinking about your own website, but you don't know what budget to allocate for it? How much does it really cost to create and maintain a website? We have collected all the expenses you will face when choosing a website.

Factors influencing the cost of a website

The prices for creating a website range from several hundred zlotys to several thousand. So how much should you spend to do it effectively? Before you start determining the overall costs of a website, there are several factors you should consider. These include:

Project scale: Setting up a simple blog costs much less than creating an extensive store with integration with external platforms or a service configurator. The larger and more advanced the website, the higher the price.

Technologies used – The use of specific technologies has a significant impact on the cost of the project. Technologies may include content management systems (CMS): WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, front-end and back-end custom code development. The technology used has its advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one may affect the cost and implementation time of the project.

Graphic design: An individually designed website will be more expensive than a ready-made template, which will never be fully adapted to the specific needs and specifics of a given business. A specialist designing a website does not have to limit himself to what is in the template, he will also take care of UX and UI. Easy navigation on the website and properly highlighted CTAs make customers more likely to stay on the website and perform intended actions.

Additional functionalities: Additional functions, such as online payment systems, interactive elements, or integrations with external services, can significantly increase the cost of the project.

Modern solutions: Implementation of the latest technologies increases the functionality and efficiency of the website, which translates into traffic on the website. However, the use of modern methods by an experienced team has its costs, which are worth being prepared for. Here are some key aspects that can influence the price:

    • Responsiveness: Nowadays, every website must be adapted to different devices. At a time when most users browse the Internet on mobile devices, the website should open correctly on any screen, regardless of its size. Additionally, it should be as intuitive and convenient to view and operate on a desktop as on a mobile device.
    • Security : in the era of growing cyber threats, protecting user data and securing the website against attacks is an essential element. The use of SSL certificates, regular software updates, and intrusion detection and prevention systems are just some of the measures you need to consider. The security of your website translates into the trust of your customers and will allow you to avoid potential problems such as data leakage.
    • Page speed: The longer a page takes to load, the higher the bounce rate. Slow websites are reluctant to be positioned by search engines. Ensuring your website loads quickly by optimizing your code and resources is crucial.
    • Search engine optimization: There are many factors that influence the visibility of a website in the search engine. A well-made website by an experienced specialist is much easier to index and ranks higher in search results.

Cost of specialists

Designing and creating a website requires the involvement of specialists. The cost of such a project depends on several factors, such as:

      • Team experience : specialists with more experience charge higher rates, and their work translates into higher quality and effectiveness of the project.
      • Number of specialists : depending on the scale and complexity of the project, it may be necessary to involve a different number of specialists. Larger projects, such as extensive online stores or platforms integrated with various systems, may require cooperation with a larger number of specialists with different skills.

The cost of maintaining and updating the website

After creating a website, you need to be prepared to incur certain costs related to its maintenance and regular updating. This cost may include:

Hosting : a fee for storing a website on a server.

Updates : With a well-built website and proper training, you will be able to make some minor changes to the website yourself. However, introducing major modifications and updates will require additional costs, usually billed hourly or on a subscription basis.

Security: The expense of securing your site from attacks and data loss includes a variety of security measures that minimize the risk of a security breach. These investments may include SSL certificates, regular backups, security audits, and antivirus and network security programs.

Additional costs related to the website

In addition to the costs of designing and maintaining the website, there are also other expenses that may be associated with its operation:


By commissioning the creation of a website to professionals, you gain not only an aesthetically designed website, but also the ability to integrate additional functionalities according to your needs. It is important to precisely determine your requirements and budget before starting the project, and then put yourself in the hands of specialists.  

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