Company image on the Internet – a virtual world?

Image is the way in which a given product, service, company or person will be perceived by potential customers. When establishing our company, we try to ensure that every detail is well refined. We carefully select employees and create a place that will allow us to achieve all our intended goals.

Are you there or are you gone?

When a company meets all the criteria to prosper, it turns out that something is missing. After all, we train and educate ourselves so that we can call our company a professional company and ourselves experts in a given field. Finally, the question arises: What else can I do to make my company noticeable? This is where the stage of building a brand image online begins. One of the most important stages. Why? First of all, because the Internet is a global platform, a place available to everyone and a space where the customer can choose and discern between what interests him and what is unnecessary for him.

E – image?

By e-image we mean an image created using electronic media. Building trust in the brand is the primary goal in e-business. The value of a given offer and whether it is worth attention is determined by the consumer's opinions. The more people respond positively to our online presence, the more trust we will generate and we will create a kind of network of connections. In short: we will be recommended to other users of online platforms.

Experience and time

The essence of an e-brand is that it creates values ​​for consumers and buyers by supporting them in the process of choosing an offer. We can propose, change and advise by observing what reactions we evoke. It is not true that we are impersonal on the Internet. This is such a popular space that customers spend most of their free time there and want to find out who is behind a given brand and why they should trust him.  

We can choose the most important elements as determinants of a strong e-brand:

  • innovativeness of offers;
  • clear communication of benefits to the customer;
  • realizing promised benefits;
  • reliability and openness;
  • creating efficient tools that enable better contact with recipients

Swapping places

The most common mistake is the claim that creating an image on the Internet has no importance for the development of the company. If we don't see the benefits, it means that our actions are not enough. It is worth taking a look at our e-company from the other side, i.e. trying to look at the company from the perspective of a customer who has visited our website for the first time and does not know what to expect or what he can find there.

Buy cheaper, choose, reject, do this, do that…

The Internet is not just another passive advertising channel. This involves unprecedented possibilities of adapting the marketing message to the recipient. Additionally, it is a place that has its own rules to which we simply have to adapt to see the results we expect. Of course, it is also the perfect place for our ingenuity and creativity.

I appear and disappear

The first and basic step that companies take to build their own image is to launch and develop their own website. It creates a home space in the online reality and is the first determinant of the character of our company. It is worth investing in creating a clear and readable website that will clarify and outline the company's activities. The most common mistakes made when creating a company image are:

  • Selection of inappropriate promotion methods and tools for the company's profile,
  • Underestimating the influence of employees on the company's image online,
  • Inconsistency in creating an image,
  • No response to customer suggestions,
  • Occasional activity

ZiZ - i.e. write down and remember

The most important elements when creating a website are:

  • Analysis and planning - examine and determine the role that the website presenting your company should play. It is also worth choosing a team or person responsible for updating the website.
  • Identifier - display the values ​​you identify with and think about what exactly distinguishes you from other companies. Find a point that identifies with your company's activities.
  • Compatibility - consistency and image consistency applies to both visual elements - colors, graphic style, as well as the style and attitude adopted and declared values.
  • Repeatability - an opinion that is to reach a larger number of Internet users must appear on the Internet many times.
  • Patience - give your company time to develop gradually; Creating a good image is time-consuming, but with patience we can expect long-term results.

Thinking globally, acting locally

The space in which a company appears is one of the most important elements in creating its image. Regardless of whether it is a website or a social media profile, it is worth remembering about consistency and one character that will allow potential customers to get to know and understand the offer.

All Internet users, regardless of their place of origin, expect reliable companies that will meet their expectations. The opinions and comments on the website will help us understand what to expect and in what direction we should go to improve the quality of our services.

A constantly developing company is a recipe for a long future in the socio-economic world.